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J. Dooling, aka JD Ferenc, is the visionary director behind the BeatWatch project. He has been directing music videos and short films since 2003 in Boston, MA. He has since lived in Southern California and currently works and lives in New York City as of 2009.

In 2016, JD won Best Music Video at the Harlem International Film Festival for his #BlackLivesMatter themed video for Josh Wells’ song “Bangers”. Earlier in the same year he was nominated for best director for his feature film debut Corinthian Leather and won Best Independent Feature at the Viva! Latino Film Festival. He has also picked up awards for Cinematography and Best Zero Budget Feature at the Depth of Field Film Festival.

JD Ferenc at the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival for the screening of Corinthian Leather

Specializing in well framed, cinematic shots and meticulously precise chops in the editing room JD’s film work delivers a fresh dose audio/visual candy. The goal is to give the audience a mesmerizing blend of beats and scenes that leaves them craving a second look.

Accolades in 2016:

Viva Latino Film Festival Official Selection
Best Director – JD Ferenc (Nominee)
Best Independent Feature Film

International Puerto Rican Film Festival Official Selection
Best Feature Film Nominee

Harlem International Film Festival Official Selection
Harlem International Film Festival Best Music Video

Depth of Field Film Festival Official Selection
Award for Excellence in Cinematography
Award for Exceptional Merit for Zero Budget film



























































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